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a shooting on a bay area freeway. tonight three people are injured and police are still trying to figure out what happened. good evening. i'm alan wang. ama dates has the night off. it happened around 3:30 near the holly street exit in san carlos, and it created a huge traffic mess for drivers. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is live tonight with the latest on the investigation. thomas? >> alan, belmont police call this an attempted homicide. the initial call to the chp at 3:42 was for a medical emergency near the holly street exit off highway 101. when they arrived, they found a car off the freeway with bullet holes in its side. this was the scene from sky 7hd after the chp shutdown southbound 101 for sthirt -- for 35 minutes.
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you can see the dodge charger buried in the bushes off the holly street exit. witnesses say they saw the car weaving on the road before leaving the freeway. they say one person in the car was shot. >> the charger received multiple gunshots, and at least one of the occupants in the charger was struck. >> initial reports were one person was shot in the head. three people were in the car after it went on the roadway. he doesn't know if they were trying for the exit and couldn't make it. the exit was closed for three hours. investigators were able to piece together the sequence of the events that lead to the car veefing off the -- veering off the road. >> a red dodge charger occupied by three adults, two males and a female, the southbound 101 and somewhere between highway 92 and san mateo. they were involved in an incident with another vehicle. >> all three were taken to stanford hospolice closed police closed off two lanes of southbound 101 for about three
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hours while they recovered shell casings and other evidence from the roadway. sky 7hd shows the traffic on 101 southbound jammed for four hours. they don't have a lot of information as to why this happened. they do know they want the other vehicle involved in the shooting. >> we don't know what the other vehicle looks like. we know this vehicle was shot multiple times. we areybody whoor anybody who saw any piece of this. >> some six hours after the incident they found the charger next to the freeway. police have not released the names nor three peopf the three people in the car. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. in belmont, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks, thomas. a driver and his passenger were in the hospital after their car struck a utility pole and burst into flames. it happened near interstate 680 near the capital expressway. the highway patrol believes the driver was drunk, and he made an unsafe turn that
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caused him to run off the road. two men are still missing after their fishing boat capsized off the san mateo county coast. it around -- it happened around 11:30u can see the you can see the 18-foot boat washed up on the rocks in this video from sky 7hd. two other fishermen made it to shore. a man let one of the fishermen use his phone to call 9-1-1. >> it wasn't that big of a boat. that and the life vests that we saw in the water, and the guy told me they w wearing them. i didn't think it would turn out well for them. >> as the time moves on and it gets colder and darker, it is not in our favor. >> a helicopter rushed one of the survivors to stanford medical center where he is fbeir hypothermia. now to the weekend's other big story, the weather. you are looking outside where the skies are clear, but what is ahead tomorrow? let's go to leigh glaser for a first check on the weather. hi, leigh.
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>> hi, alan. hi, everyone. live doppler 7hd is showing clear conditions across the bay area right now. the fog is absent from the coast thanks to the on shore -- those offshore winds. the air is heating us up and here is a look at highs. livermore 100 degrees and setting a new record. 97 was the high for antioch as well as concord and fairfield reached 97 degrees. north bay 97, san rafael 94. san francisco 94 and san jose, your high today was 90. we are going to be even warmer tomorrow. a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. you have less than an hour to buy grocery in san francisco and take it home in a bag that cost you nothing. a new law goes into affect at midnight that requires almost every store in san francisco to place merchandise in a paper or compostable bag. the law requires retailers to charge you 10 cents if you use
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one of their bags. >> san francisco just keeps getting more expensive. >> if people want a paper bag, 10 cents. hopefully it is not too big of a deal for us. >> city leaders hope it will encourage consumers to be more eco-friendly. the new law covers stores from mom and pop stores to national chains. but the grow sheers can -- grocers can place them in plastic bags. clothing stores and dry-cleaners can wrap the garments free of charge. restaurants, bakeries and stakeout establishments are exempt until next year. governor jerry brown approved or vetoed 58 bills. he approved a bill by the state senator that will give some juveniles sentenced to life in prison a chance to earn parole. the governor also said yes to a bill requiring parents who don't want their kids immunized to sign a waiver indicating they have beg
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educated on vaccines. he vetoed legislation allowing them to interview specific celebrity convicts and a bill that would have given over time and meal breaks to domestic workers. tomorrow is the supreme court's first day of the new term. six of the nine justices went to church to receive the traditional blessings on the court. one major case that is expected to be heard is california's proposition 8 the ban on same-sex marriage. it could be heard sometime in november. oracle world world in san francisco kicked off with a keynote address from larry ella son. he announced some major new products. lilian kim is live at the mosconi center with more on that. lilian? >> alan, this is where it is all happening. we are at the mosconi center where they wanted to know what larry ella son had to offer. >> he took to the stage before a packed room of 10,000 people.
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on this opening night he kicked off the event with several big product announcements including the thea base 12c. >> be my guest. it is the first multi tenant database in the world. >> it has been in development for more than four years, and it is supposed to be vastly more efficient than traditional databases. and there is the private cloud that should be kept behind the fire walls. >> if you thought the old ones were fast, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> it was his first of two scheduled speeches at open world. about 50,000 people registered for the user conference. some people we talked to say
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while the devil is in the details, they did like what they heard tonight. i.. >> the confidentially is important. given the infrastructure we could have in our own private cloud is a great idea. >> larry talked about performance and how the oracle platform can beat the come competetors. that was a strong message today too. >> mark herd will give the keynote again. he will then speak again one day before open world wraps up. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. another tech company making news is hewlet packard that sun veiling its new tablet tomorrow. but they gave us a sneak preview tonight. it is called the hp elite pad. it is aimed at business customers, the tablet is for people who need portability and productivity. >> employees need to be able to flex in different environments. they need to be able to create that power point, but likewise they need to be able to go and show somebody that power
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point. the course of a day they may do content consumption and ending e-mails and staying connected. >> hp is trying to branch out to smart phones phones and tablets after being stuck in a world of desktops and laptops and printers. it won't be available until next year. still to come, seven people injured in a major crash. we'll show you what happened. and a new program helping disadvantaged kids across the world. how the bay area is involved. and how arnold schwarzenegger gets candid.
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seven people ended up in the hospital after these two vehicles collided head on in pacifica. it happened around 7:00 p.m. the firefighters had to use special tools to free the victims from that mangled mess. police kept the link between san bruno and pacifica closed for an hour. investigators don't know what caused smooth sailing for drivers in los angeles. the 405 reopened after a weeken localed called it the carmadegon2. it was closed through the sepulveda pass so they could demolish a bridge and add another traffic lane. a fundraiser for the family of fallen chp officer kenyon young strong. he was killedarlier alamo earlier this month.
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a restaurant in alamo is donating 20% of the proceeds 20* younstrom's family. the support has been tremendous. >> the community out reach because i have done this has just been unbelievable. i have had people pledge cash and we have a website with the fallen organization. we have worked closely for a longtime here in alamo. >> the restaurant owner is urging people who want to support youngstrom's widow to drop off their donations to the restaurant. uc berkeley is one of just nine universities worldwide hosting financially disadvantaged students. primarily from sub saharan africa. the program is meant to empower these young students and bring change to their countries. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has their story. >> she arrived at uc berkeley from her native kenya more than a month ago.
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>> it is not a golden opportunity. >> that was made possible thanks to an education initiative sponsored by the mastercard foundation. >> do you want us to do that first and then give it back to you? >> the 21-year-old is one of many academically talented students enrolled in the program living in developing countries who would never be able to afford this level of education. >> they have demonstrated a commitment to giving back to their communities, to their neighbors and to their countries and their cities. >> cabel is here to study engineering. she will take that knowledge with her back to her country. she says there are places without adequate roads. her village lacks the proper water supply system. >> people go hungry. there has to be a way of building or doing something. >> in all, nine universities
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worldwide are participating in this program. six are here in the u.s. the cost to educate and host each of these students at cal is more than $50,000 a year. narissa is a graduate student also from kenya. she too is in the program and will return to her country with new, innovative ideas. >> we are like one big community . i have had opportunities and other people have not had the opportunities. it is only fair to give everyone the same opportunities. >> cabel will be away from her country for the next four years, a sacrifice she is willing to make. for now she will send her parents a few cal bear t-shirts for the holi proud to e that. >> at uc berkeley, abc7 news. >> sounds like a worthy program. >> absolutely. listen, we have clear skies out there. not a lot of wind. the heat from the day is just
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pretty much just sitting on top of us this evening. very mild night. here is a look at our camera looking down on the bay bridge. and of course san francisco in the background. live doppler 7hd is taking a rest this evening. not a lot of fog or clouds picking up right now. as most of the wind flow is generally calm or the offshore wind flow is with us. so everything is being kicked out over the open waters. here is a look at current temperatures. it is 79 degrees at this hour in antioch. livermore is checking in at 72. we have 75 and holding on to the heat in san rafael. 59 in mountain view and 68 right now in san jose. wind speeds, nothing. calm, hayward, livermore, san jose, out of the south, 5, napa, 6, and fairfield, that is about it. and that's why all of this heat is pretty much sitting on top of us. nothing to actually clear it out or bring any cooler air
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mass. so it is going to be a mild evening overnight. clear as well. less coastal fog. the hottest day will be tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures will climb another two, three degrees from where we were today. and then after that get ready for some nice cooling as we head into tuesday and wednesday. overnight temperatures interior east bay, it is going to be mild, mid to low 60s. we will cool things off a little more so with clear skies and santa rosa, 54. the fog says off the coast. 48 the expected low. high pressure will be with us, very strong for one more day. the high pressure is bringing us the sinking air, and also the rotation around the high is bringing us the offshore -- the warm offshore winds. that's why we are heating up so rapidly. the heat hangs on for one more day, especially inland, and then all of this will back off and a cooler air mass by midweek. the highs for tomorrow, compared to the records for tomorrow, probably not going to see a lot of records because most of them are well, well high, but livermore we could possibly top off with a
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record. looking for a high of 101the re. the record is 102. in san jose, the high 94 and the record is 97. so maybe just a few records tomorrow. otherwise look for temperatures to be cooling. the air quality is improving in the north bay and the south bay. moderate rain is good near the coast. but we will still be in the poor levels. inland east bay and the santa clara valley, probably the last one for the week. highs tomorrow, get ready, more high heat. a 100-degree range for antioch, antioch, oakley, 101. 96 for santa rosa and 82 for san francisco. the fog stays off the coast one more day. san jose heating up 94. gilroy at 100. watsonville 90. tomorrow another hot one for the entire bay area. heat relief, head to the coast. temperatures there in the 70s. by wednesday the cool down will begin. it looks like thursday and friday the temperatures will return. low 80s inland and 70s
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around the bay and 60s at the coast. and by the way, 49,000 viewers have liked us on facebook, and all of you are eligible to enter our sweepstakes. go to news. click on the win $49,000 and fill out the entry form. we will announce the winner october 18th after the 49er game right here on abc7. he will be in tomorrow morning and abc morning news at 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> what do you have to lose? just click the button. >> thanks, leigh. shu is here and a huge day in sports. >> speaking of the 49ers, they played one of their most complete games.
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jim harbaugh and the 49ers
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rebounded from the loss with a shutout victory over the jets, and it was a total team effort. alex smith drove them down and jim harbaugh says i have your tim tebow right here. 50 yards rushing on the day and 7-0 niners. the jets quarterback mar sanchez with a rough day. mark sanchez with a rough day. smith forces the fumble and niners get a field goal and they lead it at the half. it got ugly in the second. sanchez to san antonio holmes. he slips and hurts his foot. 51 yards. four turnovers and 145 total yards on the day. niners played a complete game, offense, defense and special teams. larry grant blocks the punt and that sets up a short touchdown run by kendal hunter. 245 yards rushing and three td's improving to 3 and 1. it was a 34-0 shutout of the jets. >> the team was pretty upset with ourselves. we felt like we all had a happened on what went on. had a great week in youngstown
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and the guys came out ready to play. >> riders invading payton's play. the first drive of the game and payton takes him down the field. a nice catch here for a 22-yard touchdown. 7-0 broncos. carson palmer and the raiders cannot get anything going. he was 19 of 34 and 202 yards. no touchdowns touchdowns and should have been an interception there. manning, 338 yards and three td's. this one and he trots into the end zone. broncos held the ball forever. raiders' worst performance of the year and broncos' first win over oakland at home for the first time since 2007. a's magic number down to two games. they holdoff seattle with, what else? late inning home runs. highlights a
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the a's sweep seattle with today's victory, and they are now two back of texas in the divisional race and three ahead of anaheim and tampa for
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the wild card spot. memories of bill king. holy toledo. the a's are magic this year. he drill itself down the line and gone. 23rd of the year and this one off sean kelly. two batters later and see ya. 23rd homerun of the last -- third homerun in the last four games. a's win it 5-2. texas clinches a playoff spot. a's and texas battle for the division crown in the final three games in oakland. padres hosting the giants with fans from everywhere on hand. giants trailed 5-4 in the 9th. nady sends this one packing off houston street, the former a. the giants tie it at 5. two batters later and homerun 101 courtesey of hunter penz. giants take the series with a 7-5 victory and on to l.a. to end the regular season with three games against the dodgers. we had an unbelievable finish at the ryder cup with a complete american melt down.
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team usa lead 10-6 coming into today's single matches. luke donald, great save from the bunker on 17 and closes out bubba watson and europe down 10-7. all square and it is an unbelievable shot. he wins the match, first european player in 31 years to go 4 and 0 in the ryder cup. back to back birdies to beat phil mickelson. phil impressed. jim furyk needs this one to have the match and keep hope alive and he misses. from the same spot for the win, and he got it. europe wins it eight and a half, an amazing come back. europe retains the ryder cup winning 14.5 to 13.5. incredible theater. >> certainly not what we expected. i would have to say i am very proud of this team though. they played very well. we had a lot of guys today that played well and just got beat. >> and this abc7 sports report
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brought to you by river rock casino. coming up later, your plays of the day and we will hear from the europeans on their big win. >> will they rub it in a little bit? >> no total respect. the presidential candidates are gearing up for a heavyweight battle. arnoldte.head for this week's and arnold schwarzenegger bears all. his revealing new book and the stupidest thing he said he d and -- he did. and are your kids watching too much tv? what they are doing that you probably don't even know
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i'm alan wang. in tonight's headlines, one person was shot and two others injured after a shooting on highway 101 in san carlos. police say someone opened fire on a red dodge charger, and the car crashed off the road. authorities are still lookingfo.
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two men are missing off the san mateo county coast after their 18-foot boat capsized and washed up on the rocks. two other people were rescued. san francisco's bag ban goes into affect in less than 30 minutes. it requires stores to use only paper or combustible bags and you have to payton cents for using -- pay 10 cents for using one of their bags if you don't bring your own. a new abc news poll finds that a majority of registered voters think president obama will be re-elected. the poll found 63% expect obama to win. 56% of potential voters expect the president to win the debate. karen travers has a look at how both parties are preparing for the first debate on wednesday. >> president obama arrived in nevada for three days of what campaign aids are calling debate camp. he took a break to rally supporters in that critical battleground state. >> i believe in you, and i ask
2:36 am
you to keep on believing in me. >> both the president and mitt romney will hunker down over the next few days as they huddle with senior advisors to prepare for wednesday's high stakes showdown in november. aids to both campaigns have been bending over backwards to come compliment their opponent and downplay expectations. kris chris -- chris christie set a high bar for romney. >> this is the first time america can see these guys side by side laying out their visions unfiltered. it will be a powerful moment for mitt romney. >> they are preparing for mitt romney to come armed. >> they have been practicing the zingers for months. i'm sure they will have a bunch of lines. that's not what the american people are looking for. >> matt doud says at this point they are emphasizing style over substance. >> debates that have changed people's minds have been about physical characteristics and man riches, and not about the substance of the policy
2:37 am
answers. >> they need challenges. it will avoid sounding like the professor he was before the white house. and romney must come across relatable and really connect with voters. abc news, washington. arnold schwarzenegger's biography "total recall" goes on sale tomorrow. he talks about how he ruined his marriage with maria shriver. during an interview with "60 minutes" he praises shriver throughout the book" total recall" and regrets the infidelity that prompted shriver to file for divorce. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i have done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> your children. >> yes, i had to tell them. >> schwarzenegger will give
2:38 am
his first interview on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning. more problems for the tsa. there are troubling new questions about airport security. tonight after agents allowed guns through checkpoint twice in the last week. here is abc news reporter mark greenblad. >> in the latest black eye for tsa, aed lod 38 caliber -- a loaded 38 caliber gun went un de ect ited by screeners. >> he mistakenly flew from new orleans to newark. >> just one day earlier they missed another loaded gun. this time in a firefighters' carry on bag. that gun made it on to the plane. >> scary. >> generally i am very thorough. >> some in congress worry this has all become business as usual. >> unfortunately the report i get is not just this one weapon. it is hundreds of items every day, but it can't be
2:39 am
tolerated. >> it is more unwanted scrutiny for the agency on the heels of an investigation by abc's brian ross into possible theft by tsa agents. it tracked a missing ipad to the home of this officer. >> my wife says she got the ipad and brought it home. >> that can't be true. the last time we saw it, it was in your hands. >> that officer was fired, but as for the record on security, the tsa says it had many successes. confiscating 1100 weapons so far this year, 29 guns just last week alone. still when it comes to all of the blunders, many now think the tsa's own screeners need better screening themselves. >> it goes back to the type of hiring they did and the educational requirements they were allowed to put in place which were not high enough in my view. >> as for the officer that let a firefighter carry a gun right through security, tsa says the person responsible has been cold from -- has been pulled from duty with possibly more disciplinary action to come. >> mark greenblat reporting.
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an agency that pledges to deliver no matter what will fail to deliver huge payment. the postal service admits it will default on a billion dollar payment for the second month in a row. the payment is due at midnight. the postal service says the financial picture would approve if congress would put an end to saturday deliveries that would save money. a stunning image from the bay area is being featured in a new set of stamps. he took this image of the ponds near the san mateo bridge back in 1983. now it is one of 15 stamps that will go on sale tomorrow. and pg&e wants to alert residents in belmont about a natural gas pipeline test happening tomorrow. it is set to take place between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. near the intersection of highway 280 and 92. crews will have to vent the pipeline to conduct the test so pg&e is warning there may be a gas odor in that area. and still to come on abc7
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news at 11:00, the new stem cell research in the bay area that is giving some high school students the opportunity of a lifetime. >> and the effort to save a historic mural and how the community is coming together. >> and temperatures today across the bay area in the 100-degree range inland. going to southern california? well, are you going to run into somas well. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on.
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community is fighting to save a historic mural. the city has decided to tear down the mural and put up another one. activists say the nearly 30-year-old mural was painted by children and artists and can be easily restored. >> there was a strong connection with the neighborhood because of the way it was connected and the content. a lot of the murals exist it is true, but this is the only one on the library now. it is the last remaining one. it has a very high level of quality. >> the activists also contend the decision to destroy the mural was made in a private meeting, not public, like the law requires. the bay area is an epicenter for stem cell research drawing scientists from around the world. and now some of the most
2:45 am
advanced labs are opening their doors to scientists of tomorrow. abc7 health and science reporter carolyn johnson has more. >> when irene medina returned to high school this fall she had plenty of stories to tell about her summer job. >> i did my first surgery in iraq. it was interesting and exciting for me. >> instead of flipping burgers , she was helping researchers at ucsf understand brain function. it is helping newborn infants survive brain traumas and other injuries. >> i started thinking, what they are doing is something great. >> across the bay at the university of california, they were doing great science too working on a study that could some day help human muscles regenerate. >> we saw improved muscle regeneration, actually. it was interesting. >> the path into these high end labs began with internship programs from the california
2:46 am
institute of regenerative medicine. once in the program they are assigned mentors to gather them in real life lab assignments. >> they get down to the genetic level and cellular level, and they really understand that their specific part of the project including the literature. >> the grants help fund internships including at ucsf, children's berkeley. >> i think it is an explorer to everybody else's science. >> the students are chosen from diverse backgrounds. some are the first in their families to be exposed to science. >> even when i was explaining this project to the members of my family, they were pretty blown away by the complexity of it. >> and apparently some universities are impressed as well. after graduating from berkeley high, minolis was accepted to stanford where he is going to
2:47 am
study neuro science. >> it is hard for me to believe. >> it hassed internship costs for some 65 students. well, how much tv do your kids watch? probably a lot more than you think. a new study finds that on average children between the ages of eight months and eight years exposed are exposed to for hours of tv a day. children from the poorest families are exposed to even more, up to six hours. researchers say too much television can affect cognitive development and social ability in children. leigh glaser is standing by. you watched a lot of tv when you were a kid, didn't you? >> my daughter better not be watching tv tonight. the moon phases, you need to we have we have live doppler 7, and it is all wet back east from montgomery, alabama, memphis, tennessee and up toward charlotte. this is areas where you could find some morning delays if the travel takes you in that direction. the showers will continue in the southeast tomorrow. it will be fall-like, 70
2:48 am
chicago sun.ith afternoon sun. denver 72 degrees. the heat will be on for the entire state of california. 100 for los angeles and 107 palm springs. heading up the 5, fresno 103. 100 for sacramento. tahoe tomorrow 80 degrees. it looks like for the bay area, one more day of really high heat, and that will be for monday. 102 is expected inland. 94 around the bay. 70s at the coast. you can head there for heat relief. slight relief on tuesday. and then the cooling is really going to start to begin as we head into wednesday. the temperatures will fall as much as 10, 15 degrees by wednesday. upper 80s. 70s and 60s at the coast. we will bring in clouds next weekend. don't forget next weekend is also fleet week. hopefully the blue angel wiles fly. the forecast models are bringing in clouds. >> and it will be crowded. >> it will be crazy.
2:49 am
>> america's cup, bluegrass. >> america's cup, yes. >> 49ers. get ready for traffic. >> take part. >> speaking of the 49ers, how did you like that segue? >> can't stop talking about them. >> the 49ers are back on the winning track. the win streak came to a halt in denver, but the upset of the day came on the golf course. europe comes from behind to retain the ryder cup. who
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all right, team usa had the europeans right where they wanted them, but melted down on the single matches on the final day of the ryder cup. they lead 10-6 coming into today's matches. luke donald the first first player out. closes out bubba watson and europe is down 10-7. all square with sampson. look at this shot. he wins the match. goes 4 and 0 in this year's ryder cup. 10-8usa. rose makes back to back birdies to beat phil mickelson. this one on 17. phil was even impressed. veteran jim furyk needed this one to keep the hope alive. it slides alive. from the same spot for the win, and he got it.
2:53 am
europe wins 8.5 of the singles matches. an amazing come back. europe maintains the ryder cup with a 14.5 to a 13.5 victory with an incredible day. >> i love the team atmosphere. it is something very, very special to be a part of. you go a lot closer 20* 11, 12, 13 other people, and it is a special moment that you get out of ryder cup. >> tough to stomach. the 49ers in their 10-day, two-game road trip with a shutout victory over the jets. and it was a total team effort. alex drove him down and collins took him in. his first td as a pro. 50 yards rushing and 7-0 niners. mark sanchez and a rough day. 103 yards and late second quarter and he forces the fumble and niners get a field goal. they lead at the half and got uglier in the second. sanchez to san antonio
2:54 am
holmes. slips, fumbles and roger scoops and scores. four turnovers and only 145 total yards on the day. san francisco played a complete game. offense, defense and larry grant on special teams with the punt block. that sets up a short touchdown run by kendal hunter. three td's on the ground, and they are three and 1 with a 34-0 shutout of the jets. they lead the nfc west at 4 and 0. raiders and denver looking for their second straight win, but peyton manning with other ideas. 22 yards and a great catch and 7-0 broncos. carson palmer couldn't get anything going. 19 of 34 and 202 yards. should have been a pick right there. meanwhile, manning, 338 yards and three td's. he trots into the end zone. it is too easy. broncos held the ball for half the game. the raidersmance ofst performance
2:55 am
of the year and fall to 1-3. the first win over oakland and 37-6 your final. we didn't forget you. it is time for plays of the day. we kick off in detroit. vikings off the win over the niners. per see hair vin on the -- percy harvin taking it to the house. they have of mad it already. how about the cardinals? he throws the third td pass of the game. the cards win it in ot. green bay is back home after the monday night fiasco. the saints are 0 and 4. the rams beat the sidewalks -- beat the seahawks thanks to trickery. a little open wouldn't you say? matt ryan was down one on his one yard line. airs it out 59 yards. what a catch. lead to the game winning field goal. they are 4 and 0. third and final undefeated team. houston and two pick six's on matt hasselbeck. the texans and the falcons and
2:56 am
the cardinal rtz -- are the only three undefeated teams left and those are your plays of the day. a little baseball and a's sweep seattle with the victory. they are two back of texas in the divisional race. three ahead of anaheim and tampa for the wild card spot. they host the rangers for the next three games. all right, here we go. a 2-2 tie in the eighth. he drills it down the line. what else? another homerun. 23 ready of the -- 23rd of the year. and the a's are amazing. they either hit home runs or strike out. his third in the last four games. two-run shot. a's win it. they want to win the division. they have texas in town for the final three games. padres hotsing the giants -- hosting the giants. that one is gone off houston street. that's the 100th homerun for the giants. it ties the game at five.
2:57 am
a two-run shot. a 7-5 victory. on to l.a. to win the regular season with three against the dodgers. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino and what a day in sports? >> that concludes another broadcast of abc7 news. i'm alan wang. always a pleasure working with you, leigh and you, shu. thanks for watching. we start again tomorrow morning at 4:30. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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